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About Cam Too Koi

About US
Cam Too was established as a camellia nursery in 1982, as an outgrowth of a long term camellia hobby. We are committed to the advance of camellia cultivation. To produce top quality garden varieties by increasing the temperature zone ranges of camellias, the blooming season, increased bud-set for a more floriferous plant and increasing disease resistance.

We are located north of Greensboro, North Carolina in the United States, on 60 acres of land off of Highway NC 150. Our current inventory consists of approximately 2 million plants: Camellia japonica, sasanquas , Zone 6 Camellia Hybrids and Camellia species plus other shrubs, trees and perennials.

Although much breeding work has been done on camellias in recent years, few different types have been added to the standard commercial fare. These standard varieties are very good for some localities, but many lack adequate hardiness to grow in the temperature zones where people are still interested in them! We are constantly pushing at the northern edge, reaching people who were previously unable to enjoy the breath-taking beauty of these ever-green, winter-blooming plants. We are continuing to work on and release varieties that are variously adapted to hardiness zones 6 through 9 that will together span the blooming season from September to April. Cam Too Camellia Nursery is wholesale only for our plants. But anyone is invited to call or email for questions about the plants. We are growing plants for next year's market and for the future. We love what we do, and we do what we love - Grow Camellias!!

And now for the Koi!
We have had koi in our nursery ponds for over 20 years, just because we love them. We then built a few small tanks to breed a few fish for ourselves. And so, we have another hobby that got out of control!

One greenhouse, that used to hold one-of-a-kind camellias, was cleared out and some small tanks slowly multiplied inside. Then a few mud ponds were dug for the “keepers” that would benefit from the mud minerals and larger growing area.

Ray zeroed in on the Kohakus. Everyone else has their favorites of the other breeds. So we have a wide variety of breeds and both fin types for sale. Some fish will be featured that we consider exceptional. Others will be sold by breed or assorted.

This year, a new breeding house was built to increase the quantity of fish that we can handle. We have built a very clean, upscale environment for the fish to prosper. More mud ponds were built. The ponds are fenced to keep out the predators. This website was created to share our fish with everyone.